A lot of surveys conducted by online marketing experts have revealed that around 9 out of 10 B2B (business-to-business) marketers are taking to content marketing as way to stay ahead of the pack and drive up their company’s bottom line. Though marketers need to have a solid online marketing strategy in place, one has to use some really sophisticated tools to enhance their content marketing performance. So, here are some of the most popular tools that you, as a content marketer, can take advantage of.

Content research tools

®   Google Analytics


This is one resource that is free for basic users like you and provides huge amount of useful data regarding your website’s online performance. For instance, you’ll get to know of your website’s CTR (click-through rate), unique visitors, visitors’ behavioral patterns, and so on. These data will enable you to make informed decisions with respect to your content marketing efforts. In this case, you’ll be able to know the most suitable keywords that people are using to find your website on the Internet.

  ®    Consumer Barometer


This is another content research resource from the search giant, Google Inc. Consumer Barometer will provide you with better insights to the ways your visitors (or consumers) move about on the World Wide Web, looking to survey all sorts of online product purchases. This is really a great tool when you are contemplating creating attractive but informative content that’ll cater to your niche market.

Content Development Tools

®    Google Drive

Google Drive

It was previously known as Google Docs, but nevertheless, it is a very useful avenue to store all your editorial materials as well as schedules that even allow to sync and share them amongst your content planners.

®    Podio


Basically, Podio is being considered as a project management tool that’ll smooth the progress of your content development cycle. You can keep tabs on every activity that is related to it. It functions in the same way Trello does. In addition to that, you can add extra applications to it and employ them for various purposes, like market survey or partnerships.

Content Design Tools

®    Quora


It is an extremely useful content design tool that’ll assist you in unraveling fresh ideas in order to create customized article for your niche consumer group. If you can maximize the use of Quora, then you’ll end up creating high-quality content for your website that provides solutions to your client’s problems and adds value to their lives too.

®    Bottlenose


This content marketing tool will provide loads of information from different social media platforms. Apart from that, it’ll provide you with insightful analytical reports for you to use in your marketing campaign. Another major advantage of this tool is that it’ll update you regarding the hottest topics that are doing the rounds in all social media websites across the board.

Content-making tools

®    Piktochart


You can use this tool to create infographics based on your website’s theme. This is a free tool and you can work out a suitable infographic for yourself with all the elementary facilities to customize the visual aid. However, you may opt to purchase the Pro version of Piktochart so as to widen your canvas and enhance your infographic’s attractiveness.


This tool will help you create some really awesome visual data and infographics. The developer of this tool allows you to work with a designer to get more unique visual marketing aid.   Finally, it is for you to decide and create a content marketing plan that’ll enhance your company’s revenue and keep you at par with your peers, if not beat them at their own game.

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