Now is the age of social media and basically anything digital and tech-related. With that, more and more brands and companies are taking full advantage of these platforms and channels to market, promote, and sell their products or services.

Social media marketing has gained popularity over time. It refers to the process of expanding or increasing website traffic and/or attention through different social media platforms. As time goes by and as social media continues to evolve, so does social media marketing. What once were catchy, long captions are now considered dull and boring, especially for those who do not enjoy reading. Today, videos emerge and take over the Internet. In such a fast-paced world, with everyone wanting to have something within seconds or minutes, how do you become effective?

Through videos. Through short yet efficient and effective video marketing strategies. Undoubtedly, video marketing has become one of the newest additions to companies’ marketing and promotion toolbox. You may still have doubts about this, asking yourself, “Would it really be worth it to consider creating and using videos to promoting your business’ products or services?” Below is a list of reasons why you need to rely more on videos in your social media marketing campaign:

Videos Explain Everything

Launching anything soon? Create a video to show how it works! So many users today rely on explainer videos to learn more about a particular product or service, and explainer videos are, in fact, the most effective out of any other content that coexists with it. This is mainly because users get to follow and keep coming back to explainer videos, making it even more useful and informative.

In some cases, videos are also your best weapon when you want to explain or depict difficult concepts. Animated videos can teach and bring ideas to life that no other text, audio, or live video can. And besides, who would want to keep “watching” boring talking heads for five to ten minutes straight, right? Spice things up a bit by producing your very own animated video! Who knows, users may even be able to remember your brand from all these video marketing efforts.

Videos Encourage Engagement Among Lazy Users

Video is one of the best tools you can use to help users learn more about a product or service. But more than that, it’s also very easy to take in that even the laziest users can enjoy videos and get encouraged to interact, engage, and even purchase right after watching one. Everything has become so fast-paced nowadays that people don’t have the time to read a full-length caption or article about your newest product or service. Instead, modern customers would want to witness live action, products, or services in practice.

If you think you’ve already captured a good audience, then think again! Because with video marketing, you can gain a whole of other targeted audiences and possibly increase conversion over time.

Videos Boost and Guarantee Sales and Conversion

Now, this is one of the best reasons why you need to rely more on videos in your social media marketing campaign. Videos can guarantee you serious money than any other digital marketing tool. Adding promotional and product videos on your website can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Studies even show that users who watch videos on company websites purchase them right after.

If you think about it, vision is a human’s most dominant sense. Through seeing, people remember things. So the effectiveness of video is not even surprising at all.

Videos Build Trust

Trust is the ultimate foundation of sales and conversion rates. Don’t expect users to buy your products, avail your services, or convert into repeat customers if you still haven’t established trust.

Digital, and moreso, content, marketing requires trust and establishing long-term relationships. Stop thinking about mere sales for a while and let prospects come to you by providing them with useful information they could rely on—information that can serve as the basis of their next action, which is purchasing. Videos help ignite emotions and engage people; hence, it build trust like no other text, audio, or any other tool can. Today, about 57% of consumers say that videos helped a lot in giving them more confidence to purchase online.

Videos Encourage Social Shares

Social networking sites, as you would know, encourage users to share video content with their features. This, then, can significantly increase your website’s traffic. However, you must note that in a social media context, users tend to share emotions more than facts; hence, make sure to create fun and entertaining videos (still related to your brand, products, or services) so as to encourage social shares. Feelings and emotions do not exactly guarantee a higher return on investment, but it can definitely increase your traffic, and you can start from there.

Wrapping Up

As years pass and as digital marketing continues to boom, video advertising has also become more affordable, efficient, and widespread. Partly because of technology’s influence, but also because it’s so much easier to create and distribute across the globe. This is why a lot of companies—startups and established ones—have already started incorporating videos into their marketing strategies. Have you?

In conclusion, the shift towards video content in social media marketing campaigns is not merely a trend but a strategic necessity in today’s digital landscape. Videos offer a dynamic and engaging way to communicate with audiences, catering to the preferences of modern consumers who seek quick and visually stimulating content. From explaining complex concepts to fostering trust and encouraging social shares, videos serve as powerful tools to captivate and convert viewers into customers.