Grow Your Business With Mobile Marketing

With the rising boom of smartphones, it has certainly opened a world of opportunities for businesses out there. This is the only medium of technology that has surpassed all other mediums and it is also the most effective and powerful way known to humans. With the help of advanced smartphones, you have all the information of the world right in the palm of your hand 24/7.

Those companies and organizations that have realised the strength of mobile phones to build more meaningful connections with their customers are the real leaders in the mobile-first world. If you are still wondering how to make the most of mobile to take your business to a whole new level, take a look at these 7 top ways to grow your business with mobile marketing.

Rising Popularity Of Apps  

Last year, television was surpassed by mobile apps as the key source for passing time. The mobile web, meanwhile, only accounts for 14% of the amount of time spent on smartphones and it is mainly used for making basic searches.

However, native apps are believed to offer a more sophisticated experience; they are faster, more interactive, and above all, it provide a two-way communication channel. Apps can make use of smartphone features such as the phonebook, the camera, and push notifications, They also allow businesses to explore the creative side by offering personalised offers, high-quality content, and loyalty programs.

Up Your Game

When you have committed yourself to an app, your next step should be how you can use the app to be an extension of your business while offering a fresh and premium experience to your users. While apps have all the potential to deliver the right experience as compared to any other medium, it is important to know how your app actually caters to the needs, intentions, and desires of your target customers.

You should continuously think of what utility does it offers to customers and how it can go one step ahead in simplifying difficult tasks? You should also think that you are using it to reach right kind of people with right message at the right time? Your customers will surely use your app more frequently if it is really effective in making their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Engage Users Face-To-Face

Keep in mind that all mobile-users are not the same. They will be showing varied behaviours and patterns based on varied characteristics, such as – how they found your app, where they live, the smartphone they use, and above all, their liking & tastes. Usually, the app engagement is higher during the weekends for smartphone users.

Information like this really comes handy in deciding when & how the content should be delivered and offering other initiatives that fulfill varied preferences of the users and can have maximum impact.

Accumulate The Data

Apps can really come handy in collecting a large amount of data related to users. When you do the right analysis, it can really prove lucrative to know your customers in a better way and it also prove beneficial to understand their tastes.

Make sure you harvest useful information from the data. It goes without saying that mobile landscape has become very competitive and such information can really prove helpful in making significant improvements to the app, enabling you to provide personalised services.

Join The Dots

Make sure you don’t let your app strategy exist in isolation. average mobile user has internet-connected devices and users aged between 17 and 65  use three or more devices on a daily basis. On the basis of this information, it is imperative your business strategy integrate all your web, social, mobile and offline campaigns as well to offer a cohesive experience for your customers.

With the help of modern and advanced technology, it is possible for you to recognise the users when they make a move from their laptop to their smartphone, then finally to their tablet, eventually creating a smooth experience across all the gadgets.

SMS Marketing

With the help of SMS marketing, it gets easier for people to interact with your business. The odds are high that your target audience is already spending most of their time texting, therefore, it is easier to engage your customers on a platform they are comfortable with. You can take the help of various websites, to build your SMS marketing strategy easily and quickly.

Mobile-Friendly Website

As per the ongoing trend of making mobile-friendly websites, the whole information is reduced to offering just the basic information. But, in most cases, this version doesn’t reap the desired results and the users also don’t feel comfortable while using it.

You need to ensure that your mobile-version of your website offers the same experience as the full website that makes sense to the smartphone they are using.