When you hear about smartphones which name comes first in your mind? Perhaps the answer is the Apple Inc. Well, the answer isn’t surprising at all as Apple has gifted civilization the most efficient smartphone, the iPhone. The iPhone series has won the heart of its followers again through iPhone 5. So, which features make the fifth edition enticing? Follow the article to get the answer:

A short review of the iPhone 5

To realize how iPhone 5 is different from other smartphones, you need to know about its best features. Here is a short overview on the best features of iPhone 5. Have a look:

  • The slim design: Let’s start with the design first. It’s really light with just 112gm of weight. Design wise it’s obviously better than its predecessors. The iPhone 5 is 123.8mm tall with a great 4-inch screen and yet he weight is so meager. This is amazing indeed. Of course the sleek and smart look increases the efficiency of the smartphone.
  • Great display: Retina display makes the 4-inch screen a treat for your eyes. The 1136 x 640 pixels view and 326ppi resolution only add up to the display efficiency. The overall effect is actually very pleasing actually. The superb retina display has made the quality sharp yet soothing for eyes. The brightness balance is adjustable and comfortable too.
  • Operating system and the processor: It has got the unique processor iOS 6 from the Apple stable. The processor is simple in design yet proficient in function. You can perform various actions quite fluently with the help of iOS 6. Android Jelly Bean 4.1 increases the efficiency even more. It also has an A6 chip which is better than the earlier versions in many ways. The processing speed is great with the clock speed of 1.1 to 1.3GHz on every core.
  • The Internet connectivity: Connectivity is swift enough due to high end interface. You’ll hardly face any difficulty while uploading or downloading your files or videos as you’ll get 4G speed. Some graphic pages may take some time to load but that will not compel you to wait for long. The iCloud Tab even enhances your Internet experience to some extent. With iCloud you can view the web pages you surfed on your iPad or desktop through Safari browser. The functionalities are almost the same with Google Chrome.
  • Video quality: At a 1080p picture quality iPhone 5 can capture 30fps footage. The quality is high enough. Compared to other smartphones, iPhone 5 has better video quality in high definition mode. The video stabilization is also great to attract its own share of admirer.
  • The camera: It has a single LED flash to make the picture quality superior enough. You can create various effects in your pictures and focus on necessary parts to click your favorite scenes. Some users demand that there is nothing different or unique in the iPhone 5 camera yet, if you want to click some high quality pictures, this camera won’t disappoint you.

The features don’t end here only. Sturdy battery life, Siri, efficient maps and lots of other features are there in iPhone 5 to look out for. Technology wise it’s really a great innovation and you may give this iPhone 5 a try to change your smartphone experience significantly.