The keyboard shortcuts help save your time and energy. You would not even be required to take your hands from the keyboard to complete such functions. You would no more be required to use the mouse and any standard keyboard can be used the way you want to. In fact, the keyboard shortcuts make it easier for you to interact with the computer. There are various other programs which provide the accelerator keys which render it easier for you to work with the menus and almost all other types of commands.

Navigating Through your Keyboard

May it be the Microsoft Windows or any other forms of programs which can be easier for usage if you are aware about how to use the shortcut keys. Below is a list of the shortcut keys which you can use to your advantage ad for better time magnet during computer usage:

  1. CTRL+C is the shortcut key which helps you ‘Copy’ an item or word of your choice
  2. The function for CTRL+X shortcut is ‘Cut’
  3. CTRL+V is used to ‘Paste’ copied items
  4. CTRL+Z is used to ‘Undo’ the last few actions
  5. Delete is the shortcut key which is used to ‘Delete’ everything or a selected item
  6. Shift+Delete help in deleting an item permanently from the computer without sending it to the Recycle Bin
  7. CTRL+Shift helps in creating a shortcut for the same while dragging it
  8. F2 shortcut key helps in ‘Rename’-ing an item as selected
  9. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW helps in serving the insertion point to the starting point of the next word
  10. CTRL+LEFT ARROW do the opposite of CTRL+RIGHT ARROW. That is it moves the insertion point to that of the beginning of the word before
  11. CTRL+DOWN ARROW helps by moving the cursor to the starting point of the next line or paragraph
  12. CTRL+UP ARROW on the other hand moves up the insertion point to the starting point of previous line or paragraph
  13. CTRL+Shift functions together with any of the arrow keys to highlight a part of the text
  14. CTRL+A helps in select everything in a word file or on your monitor and so on
  15. F3 key helps with direct search of the files and folders
  16. Alt+Enter helps in reviewing the properties of the selected items or item
  17. Alt+F4 helps in closing down the active program
  18. Alt+Spacebar works as the direct open up option for the shortcut menu with regards to the active window
  19. F6 key cycles through the elements on the screen
  20. F4 key function key helps in displaying the Address bar within My Computer and even the Windows Explorer
  21. Shift+F10 helps in representing the shortcut menu with regards to the selected items
  22. Alt+Spacebar helps in showing the System menu with regards to your active window
  23. CTRL+ESC helps in displaying the Start menu
  24. F10 key helps in activating the menu bar with regards to your active program
  25. The RIGHT ARROW right and then may be a submenu
  26. The LEFT ARROW opens up the next menu in line to the left and again a submenu
  27. F5 key helps in updating an active window
  28. ESC key helps in canceling the current task in hand

So, these are some of the short keys and functions which eases your task of handling the computer, and giving your inputs through the keyword without you having to leave it at every instance.

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