As marketers we have been striving to communicate with the consumers in the way that they all prefer. In fact marketing these days is turning out to be increasingly consumer driven. Say for example with the rise of social media the marketing brands would here communicate directly with their consumers developing the products that would sell and essentially turn out to be product creators. Studies have shown that 80% of the online user’s content is user generated and content would come from a customer’s peers. Marketers would here require advocates who could buzz about their products and services increasingly receiving information about brands from their social connections. Given here are the 7 Major tips that would help organizations get the most out of their CRM system.


#1. Creating a CRM champion program:

For a team of CRM champions to promote and advocate for the new CRM program, then think of the champions as your cheer squad. Lean on them in order to define and implement the data quality standards, sharing key messages from your communication plan on the peer to peel level and the last but not the least developing recommended best practices prior to 2-6 months after go live.

#2. Knowing your audience:

Look at your complete universe of contacts, these could here be previous enquiries, the newsletters subscribers who haven’t transacted, the retailers, the lapsed members and the last but not the least the current customers. One of the most important things for you to decide here is what groups you have so that you could start thinking which CRM Solution tool is appropriate for your organization. Without customers you are nowhere so try and conceive your program to be customer centric, as it’s the customers experience at every interaction you would want to optimize.

#3. Providing relevant content:

Great content is not only a great way to resonate with your target audience, do take time to understand your clients and customers you have been dealing with. Research all the challenges faced by them and get out content that would speak directly to them where ever and whenever they prefer. Doing this would help you enhance your reach at a great ease.

#4. Being helpful to your clients and customers:

Have your presence created in the social communities so that you could help your customers at a great ease. Spend time by crafting genuinely helpful replies rather than just dropping down the links all over the place. Building a stronger relationship would help you carry your business forward at a rapid pace. It is critical that you are helping individuals rather than focussing on driving traffic and metrics.

#5. Posting about things other than your brand:

While dealing with crm software for your organization does make sure that your posts aren’t all about your company or industry you have been dealing with, although those are important too. When you venture out of your unusual topics once in a while it does make others feel others comfortable being them as you are turning out to be yourself too. Share great posts by the other industry leaders touching upon the relevant news and issues. It’s always good when you try and keep your content interesting enough so that people do not begin to lose their interest.  Try and keep your audience coming back for more.

#6. Properly training the users:

It’s common for the business organizations to cut down the training budget but one of the biggest mistakes is that this significantly impacts the user adoption. Let’s take this into consideration why would someone spend millions of dollars configuring and implementing a new solution, and then cutting back on the funding to train the users on how they could actually use it. So design and develop training around a day in life of your end users. You would here want to involve a variety of business process and training scenarios addressing how the business organizations or the users group could use the solutions in an effective and efficient manner.

So do you have any tips on how you could increase the CRM end user adoption? If so please do share them by leaving the comments below.