In this age of heightened skepticism trust is something that has to be earned and built something more than ever. Prospective customers look at testimonials along with some reviews for a social proof, and what they read could be a tripping point in order to make a purchase decision. Video marketing is generally considered to be among one of those novelties who everyone wants to embrace not right now, but in the future or say something in 2 or 3 years. So let’s have a look on the fact finding journey in order to demonstrate why video marketing is important to an industry.


#1. Video Helps in Keeping Your Audience Engaged:

Humans find it really hard enough to pay attention to a business video and it’s all to the way our brains continue to work. Evolutionary speaking, we are here much adapted to take in understand the visuals than we are at text. Through a business video it is easy to capture keeping your target audience attention no matter who they really are. We are all humans, after all visual communication not just increases our comprehensive and re collection but also continues to effects our emotions, attitudes, which in turn would influence decision making.

#2. Easily Searchable:

Did you ever know that 70% of the search listings on google involve videos? This makes video as one of the most searchable forms of the content in the world. So if you are among the organizations who are looking to enhance the visibility then here is your answer. Furthermore, YouTube is considered to be the largest search engine in the world after you have guessed it, Google. Given these statistics optimizing your video content for search is absolutely a must.

#3. Mobile:

The future of internet marketing is mobile and videos are one of the easiest forms of content for consumers via their mobile devices. In fact, there are an estimated one billion mobile videos views per day on YouTube alone. So if you are looking to reach out the marketing audience on the go then video is a solid choice.

#4. Videos are Cost Effective:

Having said all that, you could here see how videos give you so much bang for your buck. Average costs would here might be higher than other types of content, but average returns are much higher and this is how you have calculated and improved the ROI. This is why it is believed that 52% of the marketing professionals report that video has been the best ROI for all video content types. Brands and companies who use videos on both their websites and external content like YouTube or Facebook reporting the best ROI of all.

#5. Social Virility:

Want to conduct a quick experiment on the social virility of the business videos, then scroll down through your Facebook newsfeed counting how many of the videos you have seen in the past fifteen seconds. You would here probably have to use both hands. Remember people love sharing business videos which in turn would relieve much of your burden in the end.

#6. Success of the Business Video is Simple to Measure:

You would here know how things go. You decide on your marketing strategy, have your marketing strategy content out there in the world tracking down the measures of your success. When it comes to business videos there are a few things that you cannot track. Say for example which of your blog post are encouraging your readers to slow down, reread, highlight the various parts of the texts, and then save them to their favourite posts.

To conclude that’s all the data to take in. What it really means is to take in a business video that helps you achieve results you want in marketing with a higher certainty rather than the higher forms of content.