Social Media Marketing

With outstanding popularity of social media over past few years, it might be hard for you to find a marketing expert who does not employ social media as part of their effective advertising strategy. At this point in time, it is really worth it to build a social media presence for your company, as it helps in many ways to grow your overall business.To some businesses, social media marketing is the ‘next biggest thing’, a short-term yet powerful trend that must be taken advantage of as it is greatly drawing the attention of people.

And for others, it is a buzzword with no real advantages. Believe it or not, such people still have to be convinced about the benefits of social media marketing. Despite the practical evidence that shows results of increased leads, improved sales, better brand awareness and enhanced communication with customers, there are many people who still don’t understand its importance. As per Hubspot, in 2014, 92% of marketers indicating that social media marketing is vital for their business, and 80% claimed that their efforts on social media have increased traffic to their websites. And as per social media experts, currently 97% of businesses are participating in social media, 85% of marketers are still not sure how to use social media tools for best results.

Social media marketing has huge potential; it offers lots of practical benefitsto increase sales, provided it is well planned and implemented. Lack of understanding on how to use this marketing technique to obtain productive outcomes can lead to difficulty quantifying the return on your investment. You may even get negative feedback, which may spoil your reputation in the market. It is important that entrepreneurs develop and implement effective social media marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

Have a look on some of the simple ways social media can enhance your business-

Better search engine rankings!

Your social media presence plays a vital role in improving your search engine ranking. SEO is the best technique to draw the attention of search engines, but web trends are changing frequently. With the increasing influence of social media, it is no longer enough to update your blog on a regular basis. Google and other leading search engines are considering social media presence as an important factor in calculating their rankings.

Improved brand image!

Improved brand image is one of the major benefits of social media marketing. Social media networks like “Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,” etc. are the channels to popularize your brand and content. At the same time, it makes you more accessible to new consumers and more familiar and approachable to existing customers. Texas Tech University published a report that shows that brands that connect on social media channels have higher customer loyalty. Even an uninterested consumer might become better aware of your brand after noticing your presence on different networks.

Better business opportunities!

When you post content, images, or videos on a social media platform, there are chances for someone to react and approach you through a site visit and gradually a conversion. By using social platforms, you have access to existing consumers, fresh consumers, and old consumers, and at the same time, you will be able to interact with all of them. Not every interaction with your consumer is a conversion, but each positive interaction improves the chances of a final conversion. Even if your click-through rate is down, the total number of opportunities you have on social media is critical.

Recuperate brand authority!

If you interact regularly with your consumers, it improves customers’ faith in you, and it is one of the best strategies for social media marketing. When users want to compliment or talk big about a product or service, they opt for social media. And when consumers post your brand name, a fresh audience will follow you for updates. The more people talk about you on social networks, the more important, powerful, and dependable your brand will seem to recent users. If you interact with the main influencers on Twitter or on other popular social networks, your brand authority will grow.

Richer customer understanding!

Social networks are channels for communication, just like phone calls or emails. Every interaction with a customer on a social network is an opportunity for you to publicly announce your customer service level and improve your understanding and relationship with your consumers. For instance, if a consumer complains about your product or criticizes your services on Twitter, you can instantly address the comment, express regret publicly, and take action to make it right or to improve it. Similarly, if a consumer compliments you for your offerings and products, you can thank them immediately and recommend additional products or services. Customers need attention and an immediate response, so it is an effective way to let them know you care about them.