Today’s world has become highly advanced and life has become quite easy and convenient. With each passing day, new technologies are being introduced to provide comfort to people. Many new devices have come into existence like smartphones, smart televisions, tablets, laptops, tablets, etc. The term “responsive web design” is related to concept of designing and developing a website that works on any device and fits into any screen size automatically. The main driving force behind this development is the augmented use of the internet and explosion of web applications on tablet and other smart devices.

importance of Responsive Web Design

With the development of increasingly new gadgets and new technologies, users wish to use the best and latest gadgets for them. In earlier time, there was only a desktop computer, which everyone used. Therefore, it was not vital for the designers and developers to create a responsive web design. The fact is that in this modern era, people want to use internet easily and rapidly. This means that responsive website design is created to aid users in browsing internet anywhere using any kind of smart device they have in their hands. Web designers need to design versatile website that can be used on any device, irrespective of their screen size.

Before the idea of responsive web design, the designers had to create a lot of versions of single website for different devices, which was really quite tough job. But this option didn’t work as users had to download too much code and design, so all this ended up as a bad user experience. This is the key reason why responsive web design has become so popular. From business perspective, responsive web design is quite essential because it enables users to browse your website on any device. As a result, it increases quality traffic on your site.

Perfect Responsive Web Design has various features-

1. User-Friendly website

One of the most popular features of responsive website design is that it gives user-friendly interface to viewers. Your website can be used on any device of any screen size. If you have a perfect site with responsive web design, then there are high chances that users will visit your website, which ultimately benefits your business.

2. Low Maintenance cost

By designing different versions of your site for different gadgets, you are not gaining anything but increasing your work load. With different versions of a single website, you need to make changes in more than one site. But, with responsive website design, you have to change or maintain it only once. There is only one layout which supports all devices. This finally eliminates your efforts and your work load.

3. Excellent flexibility

Responsive web sites are flexible, which means the content moves easily across all devices with different screen resolutions. Both the images and grids are fluid. Just like a liquid spreads out, responsive design enables the content to spread on allotted space and maintain its appearance on different devices. Responsive web design’s fluidity feature gets the same result with website content on device screens with different resolutions.

4. Cost-effective solution

The benefits of having a single site that supports or runs on all devices are significant as compared to having two different websites. The cost for designing a single website (responsive design) is pretty much less than two (different versions), and the savings can be significant. Websites designed exclusively for mobile device traffic do not provide the sophisticated navigational techniques which are found in conventional websites, and they also require the user to maintain two different web addresses for your website. Responsive website design improves SEO efforts by directing all visitors to a single site, no matter what device they want to use.

5. SEO advantage

Having two different sites for different devices, like desktop and mobile, requires two separate SEO campaigns. Managing single site and one SEO campaign is much easier than managing two separate sites as well as two SEO campaigns. This is one of the major advantages of a responsive website over a separate mobile site. There are benefits of having a mobile-centric SEO strategy, like optimizing for keywords which are most likely to be searched when somebody is on their smartphone.

6. Amazing user experience

A responsive web site enables visitors to view or read content of any website using the device of their preference, anywhere, anytime. Thus, the main goal of responsive web design is to provide maximum user experience irrespective of whether they use a smartphone, desktop, tablet, laptop, or smart TV. Users can easily scroll through the site to read the content or see the image. The website easily fits on any screen size; thus, no resizing is required for any visitor to access any website from their preferred device.