There are many myths surrounding the concept of SEO marketing. It’s a concept that many people still do not fully understand. This isn’t because it’s a particularly complex idea. Rather, it’s based on original SEO ideas sticking around. In reality, SEO has been continuously evolving. It’s completely unrecognisable now compared to how it was ten years ago. Join us then as we debunk some of the most commonly believed myths surrounding SEO.

Any Content Will Boost Your SEO

There are many marketers and business owners online who believe that adding any content to your site is sure to boost your SEO. This is partially true. Adding new content to your site will help your search ranking climb. But only if it’s the right type of content. Content is only beneficial if it’s shared by site visitors. It will only be shared if it’s interesting. If it’s not interesting or doesn’t connect with an audience, the content is worthless. Instead, that content clogs up your site as a useless add-on. Have a look at for tips on how to create great content. You also need to be wary about filling your site with junk content. For a short time, your site might jump in ranking, but then it will be hit by a Google penalty.

Google Penalties Are Easy To Recover From

Again, this is only partially true. If you’re hit by a Google penalty, your site will drop completely off the scale. It will fall from the search engine results page faster than you could imagine. The climb to the top won’t be easy. The only way to do it is to hire a professional marketing team. They might be able to fix your site so the penalty is no longer functional. Without professional expertise, this won’t be possible. Even with the help of a professional company, it can still be a long climb back up to the top of the SERPs. Of course, social media will certainly help.

Social Networks Don’t Increase Your SEO

They do but only if you know how to use the social networks to your advantage. Again, this is about getting information from your site shared as widely as possible. You can do this by getting your customers interested in content that you release. Make sure that you market this content on your social networks to generate an interested audience. Once they start sharing the information, you will certainly see your ranking increase. More visitors will also frequent your site, and this will help your ranking as well. You can find more about SEO in relation to social media on a site like

Google Measures Time Taken

Lastly, there have been some reports claiming that Google is now adjusting ranking depending on how long people stay on your site. While there is evidence to suggest Google is investigating this possibility, it has not yet come into action. However, when it does, conversion rate optimisation will become increasingly important. You can find out more about that on It won’t be enough to get customers to visit your site. You’ll have to make sure that they stick around for a sale.

Now that you know the facts, you should find SEO a lot more beneficial as a driving marketing force for your business.