We have to start by saying that creating appropriate and relevant SEO reports for members of your team and clients is the toughest part of the job because you have to balance the best and most relevant information so that others can see what they want.

The idea is to show your client what you are doing as well as the results of the campaign and how it affects their business from day one. Therefore, you have to ask yourself what you should compile in the report.

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You should ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they trying to increase overall sales?
  • Are they trying to improve their rankings?
  • Are they trying to generate traffic that is more organic and get more visitors overall?
  • Are they trying to see whether a specific keyword will help them reach a wider audience than their competitors have?

As soon as you determine business goals of your client, you have to create a concise, simple-to-digest, and straightforward report that will remind your clients why they are investing in search engine optimizations and in your services too.

It is vital to think about creating report similarly as doing an experiment, where you have an objective of a problem that you wish to solve as well as a hypothesis that will help you reach the goal and solve any problem along the way.

Apart from that, the process includes a procedure that you have to follow, and finally, you should write about observations that will help your clients determine your progress and set up a new goal that will be simple to deal until the next report.

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1. Determine Your Objective

The first thing that you should do when it comes to making search engine optimization report is to determine what you wish to achieve. At the same time, you have to make sure that you outline and write down all your current optimization goals so that your client can understand them.

For instance, if your goal is to rank better for the appropriate keyword as well as increase overall search visibility, you should explain how these goals would help your client’s business in overall.

You should also include business objectives such as driving more traffic and increasing monthly revenue from the online shop you wish, but you should also implement reasons why you have chosen these objectives as relevant.

When you decide to tell your client that you wish to work on increasing keyword ranking, for instance, you have to show the reasons for it so that they can understand the importance of this particular process and step.

Therefore, you should outline everything you are working as well as why so that you can present the direction in which you are going and meet the client’s expectations.

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2. Create A Hypothesis

It is not enough to determine goals because you have to find steps that will help you accomplish client’s business goals through search engine optimization. That is something you have to think when you are creating an SEO report.

The idea is to understand what has to happen and what you should do so that you can meet the client’s business goals and expectations.

For instance, if your client wishes to increase overall traffic and visitors organically, the idea is to understand that the best way to do it is by improving keyword rankings.

However, merely stating the way you will do it is not enough, because you should outline a plan of attack that will create the most impact and explain through report why are implementing this step and what effects will have in overall business in a timely manner.

Therefore, you should ask yourself how you could do it in advance before you even start making a report.

The convenient idea is to outline the entire procedure and the way you are moving forward so that you can include all relevant information without implementing irrelevant data that will enable you to reach current goals.

From the very beginning, you should outline each step that you wish to take so that you can stay on track and create simple-to-understand and digestible report that will be concise to your clients.

Keep in mind that search engine optimization can be quite confusing, especially if your client doesn’t have appropriate terms and knowledge that will help him understand what is going on.

That is why he/she hired you in the first place, which is why you should explain steps that you wish to take, how you want to to do them, and why would do it in the first place. That will keep your client inside the loop, and he/she will have more confidence in you for future projects.

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3. Outline The Entire Procedure

It is also important to present what you have done so far, and you should include search engine optimization goals that you achieved, steps that you took to do it and evidence that client’s investment is paying off in time.

It is important to remind your client that SEO is a long-term campaign that requires patience, but still, you should present your effectiveness and everything you have done and made along the way.

Most clients would enjoy seeing that their investments are paying off, so it is vital to remind them from time to time that you are doing your job as efficiently as you can. That is the main reason why reports are crucial to your future projects: they will show your effectiveness.

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You should also implement in the report tangible and real data for your client, so as soon as you outline what you are doing and what you wish to achieve the goals you both set, you should now show the results of your work.

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