Social media is mainly used by people who share content on their personal social networks. In fact, social media can affect you and your business in the most unimaginable ways. This is not the only  benefit of social media for a business. Social media has also affected our organic rank, the ability for users to find us online in searches. It has roots in many pieces of the whole of Internet marketing.

The Internet has become an important tool for reaching customers and building brand awareness. Businesses spend a great deal of time, learning the best way to market their products and services through social media and their websites. But in an effort to get the word out, they often fail to create truly meaningful online relationships with customers and colleagues. Further, social media increases the volume of traffic visiting your website, another key factor in determining your search engine’s ranking. If your site is able to attract users to stick around for a while and finish the entire post or video, you may be rewarded with organic results.

Before, customers had to write or call a business’ main office to voice their dissatisfaction. Now, all they have to do is send a private message, tweet about it, or even post information publicly. While you see this as negative advertising and bad for your company’s reputation, social media can be used to directly reach out to dissatisfied customers. This is your opportunity to put your best foot forward and find a solution to the problems. You can more easily turn a sticky situation into a positive experience. Social media was able to create a dialogue between customers and business owners. In a customer’s point of view, you become real, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

Many companies see social media as one giant scoreboard, the team with the most fans or followers wins. Social media has quickly become the face of your business to your customers, so it’s important for companies to think of it like customer service on steroids. Take the opportunity to show everyone what it likes to interact and do business with you. For example, an individual or organization’s list of Twitter contacts, or the members of an online forum established by a professional group to share information and discuss issues of interest. These types of networks typically form spontaneously around particular topics and dissolve quickly. The world’s top brands are using social media as a meaningful way of deepening relationships with their customers. Customers are connecting and having conversations about organizations through social media, whether organizations are actively engaged or not, and brands risk being compromised if they fail to participate. Social media marketing can make you and your business more accessible and ‘human’ to customers, particularly if you’re selling online and never have face-to-face contact. Giving employees a social media voice—through a company blogs or their own company accounts, for example—gives your customers a wider range of people to connect and form relationships with.

Some useful tips you can use to build more meaningful business relationships online are:

Get the right followers

It’s far more valuable to find followers who may be interested in what you have to say. Follow those members and you’ll likely get a return follow.

Be strategic

We have limited amount of time to dedicate to online networking, so that we should make every minute count. To make the most of its efforts, it is important to know ahead of time and create a plan to reach those goals

Find common interests.

As you’re following others in your field, you’ll likely occasionally notice interests you share. Take advantage of this by interacting on those topics.

Be active in online conversations.

One of the best ways to build your online presence is to participate in a natural way. This can extend to personal interests.

Share information.

Instead of reminding everyone about your new product for the hundredth time, re-tweet interesting posts or create your own blog filled with insight. If you link it on social media, you may get multiple shares and re-tweets.

Give and Share.

As you find others whose work you respect, support them on various social media sites. They’ll be more likely to return the support when you need it.


One of the best and easiest ways to reach a large audience quickly is to find influencers. This group of people has a large number of online followers and a broad reach that can quickly get your name in front of a large audience.

Follow up offline.

While online relationships can help build your business, the key to true, lasting connections is to take it offline.

Be genuine

If our goal is to build our brand, we will be much more successful if you participate online in a way that is true to our own interests

Don’t spam.

Too often, brands scare off followers and email subscribers by simply being too spammy .Followers will naturally want to learn more about your brand if they find your content interesting.

Network through your blog.

Regularly read blogs you find interesting and share the information with others. The backlinks will help with your search ranking and you’ll be able to introduce yourself to a larger audience.

Create a sustainable conversation.

As you post blogs and share the link online, it’s important to find a way to capture that audience in some way. Opt-in email lists are a great way to gather customer names for sending newsletters and special deals.