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Podcasting is the name given a series of audio radio, video or PDF files that people can subscribe to receive or alternately downloaded. Podcasts aren’t just music; they cover all sorts of topics from swimming to cooking. So it basically depends on what a person is interested in as to what sort of podcast they listen to. They are most commonly listened to on portable media devices such as iPods and MP3 Players and also on computers and laptops. Podcasts can be used to keep up to date with favourite radio shows so if a show is on at a time someone is at work then they can simply download it and listen to it later.


Podcasting is also used in the Social Media Marketing Environment. It helps to promote and broadcast you podcast with your customers rather than at them. Many people promote their business and their products through the use of online podcasting. It is exceptionally good as people can access podcasts anywhere they want while doing whatever they want for example while at the gym, walking, driving or cooking!

By using podcasts people can keep up to that with your company and whist you are offering whenever they feel like it. It is a great way to promote your business to reach a wide range of customers. Podcasts are used on a wide range of social media sites marketing your business from Facebook to Twitter.

 The ongoing benefits of podcasting are that you reach a new and a wide range of audiences not to mention using audio podcasts allows your audience to multitask whilst listening to you. Podcasts help to advertise your company image. Yes you will get new people who drift in and out of your podcast, this is how you get new customers, but 90% of your listeners will be interested in what you have to say.

You can respond to your customers using your podcast. This will help them to interact more with your company and feel like they have a more personal relationship and that you are not just another logo. You can record your podcasts, seminars and discussions so your customers can catch up later while keeping them in the loop!

A future advantage of Podcasts are that people becoming more and more  associated with social media making podcasts an amazing way to sell products, promote your company and interact with your customers!

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