Most people spend more than a couple of hours on the internet every day.  We search, tweet, watch videos, and talk to loved ones all through the glow of these familiar screens.  When you start a business, setting up a website feels like an obvious next step.  Still, some people make choices with their sites that could harm their businesses in the long run.  Here are some of them.

Too Much Happening

If your website has three different headers, five animations, and six background images all on the same page- there’s too much going on.  You need to avoid all of this noise and get straight to the point.  You can have pleasing graphics, but you need to create a site that feels like a business and not a children’s television show.

Too Little Happening

If your website could pass for a Microsoft Word file, you’ve gone far too minimal.  People take in information in both words and images, so it’s okay to have some graphics and pictures that relate to what your business does.  Try to liven it up with a blog or pictures that call back to your company or show the growth or products you can offer clients and customers.

No Clear Direction Or Navigation

If your customers can’t find the information they want, they’re going to leave your site.  Find web development services that match what you’re looking for, and make it clear.  Have a navigation button that will allow your visitors to go to your website’s page that they want.  Don’t make them hunt for them; just let the navigation take them through to their destination.

Graphics That Don’t Matter

It may seem entertaining to have a little clipart of a sunflower dancing next to your summer sale or an animation of a cute dog to make your site more friendly: but don’t do it.  These are very cute, but they block from the point and make your site seem childish and unprofessional.  Unless your site is for babysitting and childcare, could you not make it look like it is?

Poor Use of Content

If you don’t have your site laid out in the right way and have white space all down the right side of the screen or an article that fills the whole page with one unending block of text, you could be scaring off customers.  Lay it out in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.  Link to your blog in a separate section, guide them through your site and mission statement like you’re taking them on tour.

Confusing Purpose or Brand

The point of your website is to either gain more customers or more leads.  It would help if you kept this direction in mind for every step of creating your website.  Although it might feel fun to go for an artsy approach or an aesthetically appealing site, you shouldn’t sacrifice the purpose.  Make your brand clear to those who visit, and ensure they know both what you sell and how they can procure it.  Please don’t send them hunting for this information, or they’re going to give up.

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