Link building is an extremely important part of your SEO and digital marketing efforts. If you don’t know how to properly link build, you’ll need to do so before you can experience any success with your SEO campaigns. Thankfully, there are several techniques that you can employ when it comes to link building, all of which should improve your SEO efforts and generate organic traffic to your website. So how exactly should you approach link building if you don’t want to outsource link building services? Here are the best SEO techniques to use when link building.

Outbound Links to Credible Sources

A fantastic way to boost your site’s search engine ranking and credibility is by linking to credible and respected sources. Outbound links play a critical role in link building for several purposes. First, outbound links provide more resources for the human reader, allowing them to get even more value out of your content piece by providing them with methods to continue their research. In addition, linking to sources with a high amount of credibility and authority could boost your own website’s authority in the eye of search engine crawlers. As a result, those focused on link building try to link to some credible sources that can boost their own website in the eyes of both the human reader and crawlers.

Reciprocal Linking

An area you need to be careful in when link building is reciprocal linking. If you don’t know what reciprocal linking is, it essentially is an agreement between two brands to link to each other’s websites to boost both of their SEO efforts. Although these agreements can be beneficial on a small-scale, you need to be careful with how you use them. Too many reciprocal links could signal a warning to search engine crawlers, leading to an SEO penalty and having an undesirable effect on your SEO efforts. In addition, you should never buy links or pay a brand to link to your website, as if caught, you can severely damage your SEO rankings. Reciprocal linking can be beneficial when used correctly, just be careful when engaging in it.

Create High-Quality Content

One of the best SEO techniques in link building is actually quite simple, as you just need to create high-quality content. If your content falls flat and fails to offer any value to the reader, then it will do little to help your SEO efforts, regardless of how many links are stuffed in it. First, high-quality content will make you look more credible in the eyes of the reader, helping to generate repeat visitors and establish connections. In addition, interested and engaged readers will be much more likely to click the backlinks you have put in your content, boosting your click-through rate (CTR). As your CTR increases, so too does your search engine ranking. Although optimizing SEO practices is a key part of link-building, you can’t successfully link build without high-quality content.

Internal Linking

Another great SEO technique that you should use when link building is internal links. While outbound links to credible sources are very important to your SEO efforts, they aren’t the only kinds of links that you should include in your content. One of the most important types of links that you should include are internal links that link back to other areas of your website. When you have a large number of internal links going to a specific page on your website, you are signaling to search engine crawlers to index that particular page. These large amounts of internal links will signal to crawlers that the webpage is important, helping to boost its SEO and search engine ranking. As a result, you should employ several internal links linking back to the most important web pages on your website.

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