Content Marketing with Your Blog

If you’re planning on using content marketing to promote a blog, you need to read this. Here are some of the things you need to ensure your campaign will be effective!

Enough content

You don’t want your visitors to come to an empty website, do you? The more content your blog has, the longer people will stay. And this is absolutely vital if you’re looking to turn the users you get from search engine optimization into paying customers.

Of course, if you’re not selling anything on your blog, then that might seem a bit irrelevant. But the fact is that you want people to spend more time on your blog. The longer they’re around, the more of an impression you’ll leave on their memory. And if they remember your website in the future, it will keep them coming back.

Content usually takes two  forms: text and multimedia. The general copy of your website, as well as blog and news posts, is the text. Videos, images, animations, and sound files are all multimedia. When sending search results to Internet browsers, this is the stuff the search engine will look for.

An emphasis on quality

Blog writers can become so fixated on getting as much content as they can on their website that they make a lethal mistake. They end up writing nothing of particular value. They say nothing new; they The images have been copied from other, more popular websites. Grammatical mistakes and factual errors abound.

Getting content on your website is the easiest thing there is. No-one has an excuse when it comes to not having content. But if the posts aren’t good, then no-one’s going to keep coming to your website just because you have a lot of them. And no-one’s going to be sharing your content.

Good design and development

We often don’t think about the technical aspects of a blog. We tend to picture them as being set up very quickly and with little skill. (In fact, that’s one of the main draws for people when they are thinking about setting up a blog!) But setting up an outstanding blog takes more work than people think.

Not only is it an involved process, but it’s also an extremely important one when it comes to marketing. The quality of the website itself, from a technical standpoint, is a factor in how much exposure a search engine will give you. (If they direct their users to broken websites, it looks bad for them!) But it also ensures that the plugins that aid content marketing work as they should. Looking into something like white-label WordPress development might be a wise move for you.


I mentioned plugins that aid content marketing a few lines back. But what exactly am I talking about? I’m talking about plugins that add buttons to your blog post that allow people to share the post on social media with one click. There are also plugins that allow you to instantly Tweet specific lines from the article. (The Huffington Post is famed for having this functionality.)

Content marketing through a blog isn’t as easy as some people make out to be. But play your cards right and it can be done effectively!