Make Money Online

Today, online shopping is preferred by most people all around the world just because we get to see a wide range of products with thousands of variations for our required categories, no matter whichever they are. And all these coupon websites, which provide a way to get discounts on online shopping, have gained more popularity in the past few years. So this can be a good option for those who are willing to start a coupon website. To start a coupon website, you must list or share different coupons, offers, and deals on your website. When people redeem these coupons, you can earn a commission for every redeemed coupon or deal. Therefore, starting a coupon website can be a good option to earn extra money, especially if you are fond of shopping online. You won’t need to invest a lot of money in a startup, and you can promote it very easily through social networking and online marketing.

Steps to start a coupon website and make money online

Step 1: Finalize the category

As we all know, websites like Fatwallet and Groupon are quite famous in the market for coupon websites, but they provide coupons for all categories. So if you start a website just for a particular niche, then that would definitely work better.  So a little research on what people search for more will provide a good niche for your coupon website.

Step 2: Set up a blog or get it done by developer 

The blog that you start is required to be friendly with your users so that they can find the deals and coupons easily. It should be eye-catching. Social networking features like chat, blogs and forums must be provided for interaction between users. You can also go for WordPress or you can always hire a website developer for this.

Step 3: Domain name registration

Generally, a web hosting firm does this for you. Renew the domain name on the day it expires. Once you know your site is doing well, registering domains for long period of time can let you save money.

Step 4: Look out for coupons and offers to share on your website

You can reach to famous national as well as local businesses for coupons. Or you can allow some space on your website to be rented for coupons from retailers. You can get commission when coupons are redeemed through your website. Or you can also search online for coupons to share on your site. Make it easy for your visitors to redeem deals and coupons online.

Step 5: Get your site registered on affiliate programs

Here you can get thousands of coupons on affiliate networks like Vcommission, Payoom, Omg, etc. You don’t need to work a lot for this. All active deals will fall in to your registered affiliate accounts.

Step 6: Make use of proper seo and social marketing techniques to promote your website

Sharing the active coupons and deals by creating account on Twitter and Facebook will add more benefits to your coupon website. You can link those coupons that redirect the users of your social account to your coupon website. Make use of keywords when you write post for your site so that people will find your site while searching for your kind of niche.

Step 7: Legalize your business

Have a talk with accountant or business-related advisor on how can start the coupon site, that includes liability issues and tax.  Get your business registered and get permission granted or licenses for operating it online.

Step 8: Keep time reserve for your coupon business

According to your schedule, make sure that you reserve time for keeping your site up-to-date by sharing new offers. Delete all the expired offers and coupons from your coupon site or you can highlight the expired coupons by using colored fonts.