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If you’re an active Internet user, you must have come across a few get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes that are hell-bent on convincing you to buy into their ludicrous claims. However, this doesn’t mean there are no legitimate ways to generate good income online. One of the most popular ways is to start and monetize your own blog.

Blogging to simply express your thoughts is a healthy form of creative expression; however, monetizing and marketing it is a whole other ball game. The dollars you make by publishing your blog are directly proportional to the traffic your website generates.

If you’re intelligent enough to create quality content, then it’s time for you to polish your blog with a little marketing finesse and cultivate your own fan base.

Here are a few tips that will help you attract more traffic to your blog.

Make Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to attract traffic to your blog. It provides an “open mic” for upcoming bloggers to showcase their talents on an established blogger’s site. You can write about anything ranging from current political affairs to best mouse trap reviews, as long as you select the right blog to post on.

This is an excellent way to instantly expose yourself to thousands of readers of the blog you’re posting on. If your article strikes a chord with these readers, you can probably score a jackpot in traffic to your blog over the next few weeks.

The content you post should be completely original and never published elsewhere. This is because posts that were previously published online won’t attract any search engine traffic to the current blog.

Use Blog Community Sites to Build a Network

As a blogger, you should always take a more proactive social role and take the time to discover other blogs that fit your niche. Keeping a pulse of the blogging community involves joining the networks of your fellow bloggers and developing friendships with them. This mutually beneficial relationship will help both you and your fellow bloggers increase web traffic.

Comment on Blogs Regularly

One of the most interesting ways for upcoming bloggers to attract more website traffic is to actively comment on different blogs. Participating in forum discussions is another great way. Contributing intelligent, funny and stimulating responses will catch the attention of many socially active bloggers and readers and lead them your way.

Cross-Link with Other Blogs

It’s human nature to be curious when we find out that people are talking about us. The blogging community shares the same tendency. When people link to your site, you’re automatically notified and can track the site that linked it. By returning the favor and cross-linking with an interesting mix of blogs, you can double your blog traffic in a short period of time.

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