If you think that logo designing is the easiest process that let me just clear this that it’s a misconception as this process is not as simple as you might think it is. Logo design is not only a combination of colors, fonts and content that is put together but it is a brand’s identity. It is observed that logo is more recognizable then the brand itself and customers recall the brand via the logo. So a designer who is creating a logo for a particular brand must keep this in mind that a logo will give an identity to the brand and to create that he needs a lot of thinking, his artistic skills and some systematic strategies behind the plan.

The designers are not supposed to sit down and create the logo immediately while working on some other projects but will have to dedicate their time and skills to one particular logo at a time so as to add creativity to the logo design. You must think to keep your logo as simple as possible so that the illustration is easy to remember for the customer. This is a test of your design skills and keeps you involved right from the start till the end of the designing process.


If you think of Nike’s logo for a minute, you will come to know what I exactly mean here. The Nike’s logo is the simple design that mesmerizes the customers and keeps the design of the logo in the customers mind. When we think of Nike as a brand its logo immediately evolves in our minds and helps us to identify the brand with its logo.

You need to be dynamic with your logo designing and avoid being static. If you are rigid in designing your logo will not lead you to innovate a masterpiece and your design will not be approved. You need to be dynamic in styling your logo. Be meaningful when designing a logo, like for instance if we think of


Toyota’s logo we see that it has a three ovals that are overlapping each other showing unity and trust among its customers and the company. So include all such ideas in your logo design and not merely put the objects together and call it a logo.

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