Small Business Marketing

How good is your business’ marketing plan? Do you have the traditional fundamental marketing materials in place? Is your marketing plan and strategy in step with the current state of technology? These are vital questions that every small business needs to address.

Generating traffic and leads is the biggest marketing challenge faced by 63% of small businesses. Here, we will focus on the essential marketing elements that every small business needs to increase sales and prospects.

Company Logo

The first element involved in any branding effort is the logo design. The logo gives your company a symbol that the public will relate to. A good rule of thumb with logo design is less is best. Choose imagery, fonts, and colors that best reflect your company.


Once you have your logo ready, you can design your letterhead and business cards. These are key elements that set the tone for your company, so make sure that the first impression is one of the highest professionalism. Companies often feel that their business doesn’t need letterheads and business cards, but I would argue that if you are operating a small business that is looking to grow, you will need these at some point—be prepared.

Brochure or Rate Sheet

If you have a real-world business, you will need to have a brochure or rate sheet for your business. Prospective customers need something that they can look at that explains there options. This doesn’t have to be elaborately done; it just needs to have a clean and professional appearance that helps your customer made a decision.

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan could have easily been number one on the list. A marketing plan helps you identify your ideal customer; what you have that is unique to offer them; when and where is the best place to find them; why they should want what you are suggesting, and how you will get your message out to them. Do your research and make sure that you have a realistic marketing budget outlined also.


Many new companies rely solely on social media for their online presence. Big brands never take this short-sided viewpoint. Larger companies know and understand the power of having your own website cannot be replaced with a mere social media profile.

Content marketing allows companies to add articles and multimedia content to their sites to gain influential status among their online visitors.  SEO consulting firms can help you with creating the right material for your website.   

CRM Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to give businesses the tools to track, promote to, and handle the customer service issues of their customers. Among other features, CRM platforms have email marketing solutions that let small businesses send mass emails and track the open rate.


As a small business executive, you know that failure to accurately market can cost you dearly. Now you know exactly what your company needs to reach your market and engage with your target audience. The easier it is for the customers to find you, the faster your business will grow.

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