Search engine marketing for a holiday property typically takes on a more traditional role. Most marketers take the approach of focusing on “value” in the descriptive terms used for keywords. Search engine marketing for holiday let companies can work if paired with interesting elements.

What are the major events happening around that time?

The holiday let property would be incorporated into the content. The holiday let rental properties could be tied to important events like festivals, circus events or concerts occurring in the area around that time. The property could be incorporated into pieces discussing a major festival that would likely attract the attention of newcomers and frequent attendees alike. The campaign could be created around the highlights of the event, building excitement for it.

The City Guide

The most useful guide will perform well in the search engines. Potential holiday let renters considering properties in the area will be curious about the property behind the extremely useful guide content they stumbled on when searching the Internet. The visitors would appreciate having a great guide that gives them a list of shops, restaurants and attractions to check out. They’d also appreciate knowing things about which places are most crowded on certain days. People bookmark and share great guides all the time, this could boost the performance of a piece in the search engines.

Any Great Restaurants Nearby?

A great restaurant in the area may have been recognized recently for an award. A restaurant nearby may be celebrating a significant milestone or it may have been remodeled. The holiday let company can create a piece on the restaurant, working itself into the buzz. The restaurant chosen would ideally be near the property location. Most people new to a region would find a restaurant guide rating the restaurants or discussing the quality of foods served at the establishment.

Is there a Major Shop Opening soon in the Area?

Shopping enthusiasts considering visiting the area would be excited to know about a major shop opening in the area soon. They’d also be interested in knowing about a unique store offering a different type of shopping experience appealing to the vacationer. A major shop opening that would draw people from out of town could mean a great opportunity for a holiday let property to be made visible.

Is there a Gift Trend Worth Discussing?

The property could be tied to a gift that is generating a lot of buzz in the region. That property could serve as the reference point for where people are going to find that gift. That holiday let could be referenced passively, letting the gift take center stage. The gift trend could easily be developed into a list of the most popular gift items that local retailers cannot get off the shelf. People curious about the region and city would be interested in perusing an article on major gift trends in the region to consider as souvenirs.

The holiday let company should draw inspiration from great events, restaurants, experiences, trends and other cultural trends happening on the local scene. People want a reason to visit the region, and while they are looking for great, affordable or luxury rentals, they’d be more likely to read, share or bookmark material that improves their life or could otherwise add value to their vacation.

Sally is a writer on behalf of Aspects Holidays who have over 300 holiday properties in Cornwall.Planning a holiday to Falmouth or St Ives? Find the perfect accommodation for your holiday with Aspects.

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