Suppose you want to build a website; which software would you prefer if there is no technical expertise with you. WordPress (WP) will be an answer because it powers more than 43.2% of internet websites. This powerful Content Management System is helpful in website development with simple drag and drops features. If your CMS is cloud based, and looking for maximum output, prefer WordPress Cloud Hosting Built for Performance.

WordPress is simpler to understand and easy for users to customize according to their needs and goals. You can build a compelling website in less than an hour through WordPress. However, only website building will not ensure the success of a website. Even a reliable a WordPress hosting provider is also required. We have this guide to give you a brief explanation of why it is required?

Know All About the WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is an ideal hosting option for WordPress websites. In this type of hosting, server configurations give a higher performance to WordPress sites. Moreover, WP hosting plans include server management features. Thus, website owners find it easy to manage their sites without investing too much in an additional IT team.

Web hosting providers like MilesWeb have technical experts carrying out different server related operations. IT professionals do technical functions like server management, installing software updates and applications, and others. WordPress hosting plans are helpful because

  • They are Highly compatible with WordPress software
  • Improve the performance level of WP websites
  • Get pre-installed WordPress software that smoothens website development tasks for users
  • Get a reliable web hosting infrastructure that provides good scalable features.
  • Web hosting providers do website backups
  • Regular malware scan to protect websites from viruses and cyberattacks

Now, you have understood WordPress hosting. Let us understand its two types of hosting services. Those are:

  1. Unmanaged Hosting
  2. Managed Hosting

If you want to get into their differences, let us understand what they are.

What is Unmanaged Hosting?

To put it simply, the term unmanaged means that users are responsible for all aspects of the WordPress sites they host. And if you want to figure out whether a hosting provider is providing unmanaged services or not, check their pricing plans. If you notice that there are many WordPress hosting plans that seem less expensive than a standard shared hosting plan, those are unmanaged plans.

As far as MilesWeb is concerned, they provide managed WordPress hosting services at the same price as shared hosting.

With their plans, users take advantage of a pre-installed WordPress model or access to a simple 1-Click installer. On the other hand, unmanaged WordPress hosting plans are different from managed ones.

As a website owner, you are fully responsible for setting up and maintaining your site. It includes making software updates, adding appropriate security features to your site, and even tweaking to ensure efficiency.

It may sound like a technical burden on your shoulders. That is why website owners prefer managed WordPress hosting plans. Investing smartly in managed WordPress hosting plans as a new site owner is better.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Typically, managed WordPress hosting means the hosting service where a web hosting provider manages technical aspects. With MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting plans, get 24×7 tech support to manage servers and configurations.

It means website owners should be concerned only about creating their website and the maintenance of its content. They don’t have to think about server management, security, website speed, and more because MilesWeb is there.

It is generally considered a premium service and contains a value tag that indicates this. However, MilesWeb’s all WP hosting plans are managed by default.

How are Both Different?

Are you still confused about figuring out the differences between these hosting services? Here is a simple analogy that might make things clear

Managed services are like buying a house that has already been completed – all you have to do is take your furniture and start living there. Likewise, users will get a hosting server from a service provider, and they will look at its maintenance and configuration part.

Unmanaged hosting is like buying a space and building your own house. And without having expertise in construction, it is very challenging to build a home. Likewise, the web hosting provider will provide the only provider with a hosting server; the rest of all its maintenance and configuration is at your shoulder.

Final Thoughts

Choosing between managed hosting for WordPress vs. unmanaged hosting plans depends on several factors. It includes whether users have the technical expertise or not. If the answer is no, it is better to go with MilesWeb managed WordPress hosting plans. With them, get guaranteed uptime up to 99.95%, free SSL certifications to all hosted domains, and unlimited bandwidth to scale websites. And the great thing is all plans are their plans are affordable. So, don’t wait and signup now and host your websites with a higher efficiency.

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