Even if your business entered the market with a real bang, it is hard to maintain this presence long-term. If you have started to slip off your consumer’s radar or have failed to get on it in the first place, read on. Here are a number of effective ways to remind consumers that you exist.


In order to figure out where an advertisement would have the most impact and positive effect, you need to understand your target audience. If you are targeting older people, a TV ad during the day might be the best. Conversely, if you are targeting twenty-somethings, consider social media advertising. Also, consider if there is anything that exists that supports or promotes the sale of products in your market. Car magazines, for example, may be the best place to advertise cars! After all, you know that you are actually targeting people who are interested in cars. If you have the budget, advertise across all mediums. Not only does this remind previous customers of your existence, but it is also an effective way to find new customers.

Social Media

Happily, you don’t have to pay a penny for a social media presence. Having profiles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an absolute must. If you have many images of your products or business, a presence on Pinterest will also be valuable. If you struggle to maintain that presence, there are tools that can help, like Hootsuite. This allows you to line up output in advance and in bulk. You can make social media work for your business, whatever your business is. It may take a lot of work and a bit of trial and error but the effort will be worth it.


Sponsorship is something that sometimes get forgotten. However, it is an incredibly effective way to get your name out there. You can make a long-lasting impression by getting your name on brochures, lanyards, or banners. Even more effective is getting your name on something consumers will take home with them. Being the exclusive sponsor will also go a long way and stop you from getting lost in the clutter. Also, sponsorship for companies doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Start off small and see how it goes. Get feedback from your team about what worked and didn’t work on all facets. Then increase your presence over time, making any necessary tweaks and changes until you reach perfection.


If there is something that everybody loves, it’s free stuff! Running competitions may cost you money. After all, you have to give away a product or service that would usually be paid for for free. However, you can make this money back multiple times over if the competition gets a lot of interest. Get the word out there in lots of different ways. Email your existing customers and put it on social media, for example. The more people that enter, the more details you capture, and the more people your competition and campaign have reached.