Whatever line of work you’re in, digital marketing is key in today’s environment. With 85% of Millennials checking reviews on the Internet before buying products or services, your online presence is absolutely vital. So, it’s more than likely that your company already makes use of the right social channels and encourages online reviews. You probably already employ tactics of content marketing, remarketing and SEO to win over your clients at home.ŚŚ

But what about those further afield? Are you doing your best to appeal to customers all over the country, with different tastes, beliefs and geographic regions? What about the rest of the world? Here are four reasons you need to embrace localized digital marketing now.

#1. Localized Digital Marketing Improves Your SERP Ranking

Google places a lot of importance on local businesses in its new algorithm. Which makes a lot of sense as it improves user experience. If a customer in Los Angeles wants to find a bakery nearby, it’s of little use if New York’s finest comes up in their search results. How do you make use of this function?

If you have local businesses, you have more chances of appearing. But if you have no physical presence, that doesn’t mean you can’t get local. Create localized landing pages for your different regional customers. Recognize the fact that not all Americans use the same vocabulary, live in the same climate or celebrate the same holidays.

If you’re speaking to customers overseas, localize your website into their language, taking into account local vocabulary, units of measure and purchasing preferences. When you optimize your page, taking into account local search terms, your customers will find you more easily and your organic traffic will soar.

#2. Localized Digital Marketing Increases Trust

When you’re competing against a bunch of other highly competent companies, you need to create an impression of trust. If statistics from the Common Sense Advisory are to be believed, a staggering 75% of customers will not buy from a website that is not in their native language.

Which means that if you’re speaking English to your French customers, you’re far less likely to increase conversions. Especially when there are local companies that know how to market to their tastes and needs better. Localized digital marketing creates trust and trust increases conversion.

#3. Localized Digital Marketing Increases Your Sales

Just think about it. You land on a website with a weak translation that you can barely understand. The design looks broken, the site is slow, and the Calls-to-Action are uninspiring. It won’t be too long before you X right out of that page and never come back.

Imagine landing on a website that provides offers and products targeted to your needs. That speaks to you in a message that resonates in your local tongue and dialect. The colors are appealing, the functionality is impeccable and the user experience is optimal. You’re far more likely to buy from a localized website than one that fails to encourage trust or spurs you to buy

#4. Localized Digital Marketing Across All Channels

Once you have your website localized, it’s time to work on your social platforms. If a customer in Berlin wants to find out more about your company or take part in a competition, they don’t want to be met with a message that says “not applicable” to their region. They don’t want to land on a Twitter page that’s only sending out messages in English.

When you localize your digital marketing efforts across all channels, you can increase engagement and interaction with your customers all around the world. You can tailor your offers to customers by region, language and preferences. You can become a part of the local community and increase onboarding throughout the globe.

So, if you have a customer base that’s further afield than your home town or state (or has the potential to be), it’s time you embraced localized digital marketing today.

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