There are a lot of websites online that teach you how to code, and there are a lot of books. However, many of the websites are not very good, not because they are fundamentally bad or because they were written by bad programmers, but because they are hard to follow.

Programming is something that is very difficult to learn from a book, and even difficult to learn online. It is comparable to learning how to make a clay pot on a clay wheel, where it is hard to describe if you do not show people how it is done step-by-step. Here is a list of websites for learning how to code in order of how good they are. The website at spot number one is without doubt the best coding teaching website you will ever find (and it’s free).

1. WiBit.Net


If you are thinking about learning how to code like a real programmer, then this may be the only website you ever need. It offers video lessons on how to be a programmer, and they are all free, and what’s more they are all of extremely high quality.

The lessons they give go from the most basic to the most advanced. They even explain what programming is and explain where you may find the open source tools you need in order to code a program and find a compiling program, all for free so that you can start creating software right away.

They go from the very beginning, which short of binary is C programming. Once they have covered all you need to know it that, then they go onto C++, C#, objective programming, etc. You do not have to start with C programming. You can jump straight to Java or Apple programming if you wish because each video lesson starts from the very beginning.

Is it easier if you understand visual basic or C programming before you start something such as Java programming or app programming? Sure it is, but it is not essential. It is a little like learning to drive a car before learning how to drive an 18-Wheeler, you will see similarities in how earlier coding is set up, but it is not essential.

Their courses are all free and are all of very high quality. They are done by two complete nerds who have been programming since they were girlfriendless 12yr olds, and both of them will have grown on you by the time you have watched a few of their videos. It is all done with screen capture as well as animation, so it is very easy to follow each step, and they also give you examples on how each new idea may be done so that you can try it all out for yourself.

Currently, their most popular videos are the videos on how to create your own apps from scratch. They show you how to make them from the ground up so that you do not have to use app creators (since app creation software is making many apps appear the same).

Out of all the programming teaching websites on the net, this free service is the most comprehensive, easy to follow, user friendly and high quality service online. You can even sign up for a free account so that you may tick off each lesson as you do it.


As for the other websites on this list, it is hard to rank one above the other, especially since they are all so lack luster compared to number one. However, this one gained second place because they have free “Talk throughs” on how to do simple coding.

As mentioned in the introduction, it is difficult to learn programming with just text, and code academy’s talk-throughs are better than mere text, which means you may be able to learn how to code more easily with this website than with other websites that are based on text, or books that are based on text. This website talks you through step-­by-step so that you main gain a gradual understanding of programming.



You have to sign up for paid classes to learn from this website. You can pay $20-40 per lesson, or you can pay for a full course which runs into thousands of dollars. They work by giving you live-streamed classes from courses around the world. You are able to take a look at the lessons being taught in universities around the world, but the lesson is streamed to your computer.




This is a website that offers free coding lessons for PHP. It is based solely in the UK, but that does not matter so long as you speak English because coding is not country specific in English speaking countries. You do not even have to go to their website, as they have a lot of their videos on YouTube.

5. Hackety Hack


This website gets a mention because it teaches Ruby coding. What you do with your Ruby coding is up to you, but it offers you a range of lessons to try and gives you examples of Ruby designs that you can try for yourself.

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