Search engine optimization refers to the utilization of keywords to drive more traffic to your blog or website. If your business relies on online traffic, SEO is becoming a necessary marketing tool.

There are several myths that surround SEO, and to make your campaign effective, you need to identify them accordingly. The following are five common myths that surround SEO.

#1. Google shifts rules from time to time

It is true Google changes algorithm several times, year in and year out.  This confuses frequent users. It is important to note that as long as SEO is done in the right way, these changes will have little to no effect on your SEO ranking.

To be safe with Google, it’s better to take caution of the following:

  • Avoid having too many links from spammy sites
  • Don’t insert a lot of keywords on your websites.
  • Avoid unnecessary posts that do not attract readers.

Hence, it’s advisable to:

  • In your post, use the keyword only to a maximum of four to five times.
  • Write down blog posts that will keep readers hooked
  • Only utilize links emanating from quality websites.

#2. Keywords are no longer of importance these days

In Search Engine Optimization, keywords are still very important in the following areas:

  • In the heading of the blog post.
  • In the main heading of the blog post
  • In the Uniform Resource Locator (URL),
  • In the content of the blog post
  • In the foremost paragraph

Keeping keywords in the above-mentioned areas is important for your post to get higher chances of better ranking.

#3. Only big blogs drive traffic.

Big blogs always drive huge traffic on Google, and people often conclude that small blogs cannot. In SEO, every individual has an equal chance of driving traffic from Google. The main trick is just to follow the required SEO basics and understand how to play the game safely.

To improve your traffic:

  • Use keywords that are specific
  • Benchmarks on competitive blogs on Google.

#4. Guest blogging no longer exists.

Many people mistakenly assume that guest blogging no longer exists. Back in 2014, several people declined guest blogging when Matt Cutt insisted that guest blogging was dead. Guest blogging is a valuable system, and when done right, it can benefit Google, the website owners, and all users in general. What you need to do is write a relevant and helpful blog post that will attract users. Focus on adding value to the web.

#5. Google keeps track of new blog posts.

The above myth is definitely true for renowned and bigger websites. If your blog is just new and has not been in existence for a given period of time, Google may ignore you. Utilizing the Google Console informs Google of every page and post you might have created.

In order to drive traffic to your site, you should consider not only the things you should do but also the things you should not do. These myths are some of the things that you can completely ignore. Just focus on the core strategies that are sure to get you to the top.

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