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Many changes have occurred to the search engine world and internet marketers are at a loss for finding the next best method to rank their site. Here we will look at various techniques that might have been hurt by Google and other search engines. We will see if they are still a viable solution to seo or if their is something better that you should spend your time on.

Search engine optimization has gone through a lot of small and large bumps throughout the history of them. Most recently we can see examples from Google as they rolled out Penguin and Panda updates that destroyed the rankings of many sites. Right now the idea is that we need to be able to change and adapt ourselves to the next big change. Whatever that is, we should be able to understand how it works and find another way to do SEO once more.

Now let us take a look at the SEO techniques that works the best right now.

Article Writing

Some people have stopped doing this, especially when big article sites like Ezine got hit with one of the updates by Google. Over half of the pages on Ezine was gone and they lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of revenue within the next few months. Yet the thing about article writing is that it is more than just effective, it brings in unique views to your site day after day. The one problem that people face when thinking about article writing is that they do not see the other aspects of it. Writing an article for a site like Ezine means you are exposing it to people who like to read articles each day as well as decent SEO benefits. Sure you cannot spam the article sites anymore, however you can do a lot by taking the time and writing a good article.

Blog Commenting

Yet another seo technique that seems to have lost favor within the IM community. Blog comments are still being used yet many people who want quality links stay away from these for some reason. Personally I still use these all the time day after day. The difference is that I spend the time to make sure that my comments are top quality and are not just random jumbles of words. Quality means you have to spend a little more effort to make it good.

Guest Post, but not from Fake PR, Original and High Authority site

This is something that Google or any other search engines have never punished. Simply writing an article for another site related to your niche and adding a link to the bottom of it. The reason guest post are so effective is because they act like real articles that people might use. A link is usually placed at the bottom for referencing anyway and this cannot be detected in any way. So start thinking about trading links though guest post as it is one of the best seo techniques that you can use today.

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