Social media has become such a huge part of our lives that for the most part, we spend most of our personal time navigating it. There was once a time that running profiles and catching up with friends meant calling them and dropping round for dinner. In business, catching up meant making endless phone calls and pushing past gatekeepers to make good sales. Now, social media has become such a phenomenon that it has gone beyond finding school friends of old, and has become a way for companies to reach out to each other and make business connections.



Wherever you look on social media, company after company is making a name for themselves and running some sort of campaign or competition. The markets are saturated and people lap it up, because running a competition or offering something for free is a great way to grab the attention of a target audience. Increasing brand awareness and engaging with customers is a priority for every company, so improving your IT efficiency and use of technology to run your own campaign is vital for success. If you are able to start and run a profitable social media campaign, then you may already be well versed in what you need to do. There are plenty of tips out there to keep your social media campaign running smoothly, but we’ve got five of the best that we think will make your campaign the best it has ever been.



  1. Have A Goal. There is no point in running a campaign if you don’t know why you’re running it or what the endgame is. Are you aiming for more followers or do you just want a general buzz? Do you want to push a new product or service you’re offering or draw more people toward your website? Whatever the goal is that you have, you need to make sure you have one you can realistically stick to. Once you find your goal, stick to it!
  2. Pick Your Social Media. Not every social media site will be relevant to the business or helpful to your campaign. Facebook and Twitter are huge for small businesses, and LinkedIn is a great option for those companies that are larger. The channel that you choose has to be one that reflects your audience, so look at the demographics of each social media website and go from there.
  3. Engage. You have to do more than list a competition. Engage with the comments and people who leave them. Answer questions and make an effort to comment or like each response to your campaign. A company that engages is one that is appreciated.
  4. Celebrate. Your customers entering a competition that requires input like a design means that you need to celebrate their efforts! Share the best ones you receive and you will increase your customer loyalty.
  5. Analysis. Once your campaign has come to an end, you need to efficiently analyse where your traffic came from, what age groups and measure this against future campaign efforts.

Your social media presence is going to make a huge difference to your profit and customer engagement, and every good business knows that the customers matter!

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