In this evolving world, it is quite important to stay competitive and expand the business in a continuous manner. But, have you ever realized that a fraud element can stagnant your company’s growth. It might be loss of your data assets, important files, stealing of your computer and peripheral parts, etc. All such kind of attempts put a bad mark on your company and hamper the overall productivity. That’s why it is important to check all the bit and byte of information while recruiting them.


With burgeoning competition in the marketplace, you should be very careful while hiring employees for your company. To achieve flexibility, reliability and agility in your business, it is essential to focus upon authenticity of all aspirants. Today, call centre has become the role model, catering a wide range of industries worldwide. They strive to serve the clients by fulfilling all their objectives and extend help to companies in selecting the right candidate for business growth. Third party verification is one of the most popular call centre service that helps you to select the right candidates for your organisation.

Whether it is small-scale company or a large -scale enterprise, verification is important for any business. It constitutes multifarious benefits such as streamline your workflow, improve sales pipeline, reduce overhead, improve retention rate, and much more. With aim of delivering authenticated solutions, such verification agency helps you to empower your business along with trust seal.

Did you aware with fact that how incorrect data or wrong information about buyers and employees can adversely impact on your business growth. In this blog, you can see some significant points that represents the advantages of acquiring third party verification services. It not only protects you from the fraud recruitment but helps in improving your business bottom line. Nowadays, more than 50% companies are relying upon third party verification agency to ensure high performance without any worry of stealing attempts, security breaches, and data loss.

For any company to be successful, it must be well-equipped with state-of-the-art facility and technically sound staff. Well trained and qualified employees are the building block of any company. In addition to this, such employees not only adds value in the progress but, enhance the work quality which helps in building your business credibility. However, it leads to dangerous impact on your company status, if you select a wrong candidate who have doubtful records. Here comes third party verification service that helps you to overcome fraudulent issues. With in-depth knowledge of latest technology and practices, a team of qualified agents work on verification and validation process to ensure protection against illegal candidates. They perform employee background verification including previous employment details, salary package, allowances, job title, working experience. In order to remain risk-free, most of the companies follow identity verification. In this, a complete analysis is performed by the team to check any criminal records.

Below is a rundown of important process that a third party source accomplish for verification and validation.

Income and employment verification: It incorporates both income and employment verification from a reputed call centre agency. Qualified agents check for basic employment information and detailed compensation data such as wages, incentives, bonuses, commissions and other special allowances. By thoroughly checking all the details & information, they authenticate & validate all your employee’s data.

Employment verification: An employment verification is a superlative option when you need to check the previous employment details of the candidate. This verification service include the analysis of basic job information such as employer name, office location, employment status, job designation, roles and responsibilities and working experience.

Self- employed verification: A reputed call centre uses a consistent and audit-able process to check the employment and income of the self-employed population. In this verification process, a clear and consistent documentation is recorded. Further, document images are attached to your results, allowing you to step ahead with minimum risk factors and expenses.

Re-verification: In order to streamline your process of verification, a professional third party company enables you to re-verify all the information. It will mitigate all the risks associated with new hiring.

These are some eminent perspectives that helps you to enhance your business productivity with use of innovative verification and validation practices.