As you begin to grow your small business, it is inevitable that you will start to hire full-time staff. You just can’t do everything on your own, after all. And, there is only so much you can outsource until things become a little unwieldy. The problem is, while hiring is essential, it also brings with it some significant issues. I’m going to explore some of the greatest dangers you should be looking out for. So, read on to find out more on the nightmare scenarios that can arise when you start hiring employees.


The Money

While you are outsourcing and using contractors, life can be simple with regards to your money. They do a job for you, and you pay them for their work. It couldn’t be easier. The second you start hiring full-time employees, however, and things get a lot more expensive. There are the wages, of course, but you also have to pay a significant chunk of money on their National Insurance. Then there are benefits – pensions, for example. You will also need to invest in training for them so they can do their jobs properly. And even the entire process of advertising the job role and interviewing them costs money.

The Time

Don’t forget that finding the right talent takes a lot of time. And, when you are working on your own, where are you going to find it? You could link up with a recruitment agency, of course, who will help you develop shortlists. But there is still a lot of poring over applications and interview stages to go through. When you are hiring people for a small business, the people you bring on board are critical to your success. So, the more time you spend searching, the more likely it is you will strike gold. But don’t forget, that time will come at a cost.

Absence and Presenteeism

Don’t underestimate the problems staff sickness can have on small business. You run a small ship, and everyone is vital to your success. But when a team member doesn’t show up – even for a day – it can knock you off kilter. Regular illness is an even bigger problem, so think about investing in an employee absence management program. Your productivity can also suffer from something called ‘presenteeism’. It describes a state of being when an employee is at work but isn’t doing anything productive. There are a variety of reasons why presenteeism happens, so make sure you make yourself aware of them.

Health and Safety

Another big issue you can’t afford to forget is that you are responsible for the health and safety of your workers. Again, it’s going to take you time and money to secure your business and reduce health and accident risks for anyone that is working under your care. The consequences can be severe – a court case can cost you a fortune, and your reputation will take a hit, too. Make sure you invest wisely in a robust health and safety policy and ensure you don’t end up as the subject of a compensation claim.

I hope this helps – let me know your thoughts below!

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