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If you have an idea of starting a business, you know how a website can help you achieve growth than traditional methods. And websites function efficiently on Node js servers. Hence, buy cheap NodeJs hosting services from service providers to build online presence.

Most of the ventures are going online today because they have started knowing the importance of online presence! Website is one such medium that will help you buy the best web hosting & domain name in lesser time. For websites to go online will require web hosting services.

There are even different categories of websites, meaning some have a low traffic, some with high traffic and so on. Likewise, you will find different web hosting services meant for different kinds of websites.

The different web hosting services are: shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.  As a beginner, shared hosting is an excellent hosting server option.

Should You Go for MilesWeb Shared Hosting? 

The choice is all yours. After doing, a lot of research, reading their reviews and exploring many other hosting providers. According to our experience, we have found that MilesWeb is a reasonable and reliable web hosting provider. They have the perfect solution for all sizes of businesses.

Speaking about MilesWeb’s shared hosting service, their shared hosting plans are affordable and, with this, you get resources that can meet the initial level requirements of your first website.

Their shared hosting plan starts at Rs.60 per month.

And then the prices gradually increase as you switch to the high-tier plans. The best thing is, an SSL certificate is included for free with all the web hosting plans.

Tyro is their basic plan starting at Rs.60 per month. If you check their Turbo plan, it will cost you Rs.255/m. Which plan to choose totally depends on your website requirements.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a server in which all the website content is stored on a single web server. The web hosting provider offers a single shared hosting account to numerous users.

Thus, the server and its resources are shared by all users.

Shared hosting is less expensive because the cost of hosting is shared among users.

MilesWeb provides shared hosting at a lower cost than other web hosting companies. With MilesWeb, you won’t have to worry about the quality of shared hosting services.

How To Move My Website from Another Hosting Provider to MilesWeb?

That’s simple, MilesWeb offers a free website migration service. You can move your website provider from another hosting provider to MilesWeb at no extra cost. Their expert support team will carefully move all your website files, folders from other hosting providers to MilesWeb.

Create Website with MilesWeb

MilesWeb makes the task of creating a website easy. They offer a website builder tool that enables you to create a website. You have to choose a template from available themes, add the images and content you want, and publish your website.

Hassle-free migration is a one-just click away with MilesWeb.

Free Domain Name 

With MilesWeb’s best web hosting plans, you can register the choice of your .com domain name free at no extra cost.

To get the domain name for free, you have to order the web hosting plan for one or three years.

SSL Encryption 

Websites hosted on MilesWeb servers are secured with an SSL certificate for free. A higher level of security is added to your website with an SSL certificate. Data that flows back and forth from the server will be encrypted automatically. Thus, your website is away from hackers and identity thefts.

SSD Storage Drives 

You can kick start your website or web project by hosting it on the MilesWeb server. All websites are hosted on powerful SSD storage drives that help to maximize the performance of your websites. You can experience a faster-performing website with SSD servers.

One-Click Installers

You can minimize installing applications like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla and Magento. More such applications you can install with a click of the mouse. With all the web hosting plans, a Softaculous one-click installer is included that makes your job easy.

Malware Scan and Removal

Every website owner wants to keep their website safe from threats and hackers. MilesWeb includes a malware scan and removal tool that removes the bugs and fixes them immediately.

How About Website Performance

To keep the performance of your website pace, MilesWeb offers a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

With this, your website never goes down and is available online at all times. Latest technologies are used on MilesWeb servers that help boost its performance.

Wrap Up

Getting shared hosting from MilesWeb will be an ideal decision as they offer the best resources at affordable prices. Shared hosting is like investing less and launching your business online. Also, get 70% off on all their shared hosting plans.


Enroll for MilesWeb shared hosting and experience best in class hosting experience, uptime and 24×7 customer support.

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