Link building is a magic phrase for every SEO specialist, as he perfectly understand the importance of this phenomenon for his website optimization. But before starting a link building, you should clearly understand what it is and how exactly it can help your website to become more popular and better.

Every blog or website needs a link building for:

  • getting high ranks in search engines
  • driving a good and targeted traffic
  • getting backlinks (and achieving a higher rank as a result)

Link-building strategies can be different, but their aim is the same: to apply different methods and  to use different ways to get relevant links to your website.

Actually, link-building strategies are not difficult to remember. We bet that you’ve tried some of them already even without considering them to be perfect ways of your website’s promotion. Anyway, let’s take a look at most popular and checked strategies that will not let your site die on the Internet with no traffic at all.

Let’s start with not so obvious ones:

1. You are a sponsor (as far as you know, all conferences, concerts, contests and so ones link to their sponsors. So, why not to use this opportunity? Become a sponsor, and it can be a really good way to obtain links).

2. You are an adviser (don’t ignore such services as Yahoo Answers for example. Help people, give detailed and useful answer to their questions, don’t forget adding the link to your website – and you will see how good this strategy can work for your link building).

3. You can rent some links! (there are some firms on the Internet, that can help you rent some links of high quality).

4. Write a review (you can always write some good and useful review of a product connected with your niche, and add a link to your website there).

5. Build a page (some websites on the Internet allow you to post your own content using their domains. It will look like a separate page of your own, and if you write there on a particular subject, such a page can attract many readers and provide much traffic).

Along with 5 strategies mentioned above, all bloggers and websites owners shouldn’t forget about these simple but effective ways of link-building:

  • Use your social networks – post and share your links there
  • Use social bookmarks sites – add your website to such sites as spurl or digg for example
  • Don’t forget to comment blogs and forums – add your links to your comment, and it will greatly help you get much traffic
  • Submit a post to article directories

As you can see, everything genius is simple. Just remember these link-building strategies, and don’t forget using them for your website’s promotion. You’ll see the results very soon.

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