As Google continues to adapt its algorithm to ensure every search is as relevant as possible, it introduces some new features to help the number one spot, on mobile search, profit from being there.

Of course, being number one in any search on Google is an advantage and can massively improve Click-Through Rate (CTR) but on mobile search, it could mean your sales sky-rocket. Google has introduced 2 new mobile search features which include larger titles and info cards.

Larger Titles

When someone makes a search, the first listing comes up, swiftly followed by the second, but that is all about to change because Google is making the first listing bigger. That is of course, if you have a number of site links – if you do then your listing will have larger text and will take up a large portion of the screen on a mobile device, meaning CTR should go up.

The second listing will be pushed further down the screen, meaning you have to scroll for it, instead of it being on the same screen as the first listing.

Info Cards

Another change Google is making is to add info cards into mobile search results. Info cards are fairly common within the desktop search but they are new to mobile.

The benefit of the info cards for the mobile listing is that they will also bulk out the listing and will push other ads further down the pecking order. What’s more is that if your website dominates the top position and has both info cards and a lot of site links, people will scroll and still be looking at your ads, meaning CTR will again be higher.

What Should You Do?

If you’re not in the number one position for a lot of your search queries on mobile, then now is the time to think why and how you can improve your website so it is where it needs to be. One way many companies try to do this is through an SEO Audit, which looks at ways to improve how your website performs and to ensure it is as fully optimised as possible.

If your website isn’t geared up for mobile, you will need to act quickly to ensure your website doesn’t miss out on a ton of traffic and conversions.