VPN stands for virtual private network which enables cost-effective, secure remote access to private networks.  Actually VPN supplies the network connectivity over long distances where it is possible. It enables file sharing, video conferencing and similar kind of network services. It is a form of wide area network.  The key feature of VPN is that it works over both private as well as public networks. It has security mechanisms which protects the virtual, and private connections.

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In recent times the organizations have increased the use in offices and business organizations. The reason is that they are the perfect media to connect single workstations, freelancers, or even branch offices to a company’s network. No matter if the company is big or small, VPNs are always reported secure as well as inexpensive medium. The main reason for more involvement of VPN in the company is that it supports remote, protected access to corporate offices over the internet. Organizations often increase the mobility of their employees by allowing more workers to telecommute. Even if they need to travel, they can stay connected to their company networks through VPN.

Though there are certain things that need to be taken care of to enjoy their best services at office. Certain things are such as-

  • VPN software must not impede one’s core business through complicated technical procedure.
  • VPN remote access solution must be as simple as making a phone call even if one is using varying end devices.
  • Remote access VPN solutions should be flexible like in terms of infrastructure compatibility. They should be compatible with various operating systems and that too with established hardware.
  • Software and hardware compatibility holds importance because companies operate their businesses on a host of different types of computers like desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones etc.

Though VPN is primarily used to bolster security and access resources on a network someone is not connected to, it can be used by the companies for their different reasons. Some can used for great occasional use, while others can be geared towards getting around the location restriction companies put on their applications and services. Even general public can bring them into use if they do a heavy downloading or need a little privacy as they do it.

 VPNs are used for inter networking as well. This means that it can club two networks together. In this mode of operation, an entire remote network can join to a different company network to form an extended intranet. This process includes a server-to-server connection. It also acts as a network gateway when VPN clients connect to a VPN server in order to implement controlled access to  individual subnets within a private network.  It is essential because it allows the security benefits of VPN to be deployed inside an organization. This has become popular with the businesses for they can protect their Wi-Fi local networks.

So undoubtedly VPN is a great way for business to connect remote data centers, and for individuals to get access to network resources when they are not physically on the same local area network.