In times past, starting a business and generating finances for it took time. The main aim was to rope in an angel investor who would invest a big amount of money in your business. However, times are changing today. With the advent of the internet, businesses have seen a rise in a concept called crowdfunding. There are many platforms online where you can take your idea and communicate it with thousands at one go.

However, with the rise of such platforms, they have become saturated with so many business ideas that being noticed has become extremely difficult. So what can give you the edge over others and how can you attract investors? The answer is business videos. An effective business video should be able to pitch your idea to the masses in the quickest and charming way possible.

Business Videos

How to make the best business video for crowd funding?

  1. High-Quality Video And Audio:

Business videos are all about telling a story to your audience and touching their emotions, and for this, your video should be of the highest quality possible. High quality would mean that your audience concentrates on the message rather than get distracted by nuisances of low-quality video. Now, with the advancement in mobile technology, you can even record a high-quality video with your iPhone or Android device. However, be sure to use a tripod while recording for stability and to avoid shaking.

  • Along with the video, audio too is important. The music and voice over that you use in the video is going to represent your brand and is going to be the voice of your brand.
  • So ensure that it is of high quality without any background noises. Professional video artists generally recommend using high-quality microphones that cut out the noises around the subject and only capture the sound of the subject. You can test the video and audio by doing a trial run before recording the actual video.
  1. The Script – Tell A Story

Your business video is your sales pitch so have a script that really sells. Remember, videos need to tell a story rather than simply pass on information.

  • Your focus should not be on your business or the product you are selling, rather it should focus on how your audience or investors can benefit by investing in you or your business.
  • Address questions such as why is it worth investing in your business, or how soon people can get the returns on their initial investment.
  • Additionally, the voice used in the business video can be a game changer. Use a professional public speaker who can be conversational and have a tone of voice that can move your audience.
  • The final objective for your sales pitch is to engage your audience in a short span of time and a good voice over will take you a long way.
  1. End It with A Bang:

Business Videos to Boost Crowd Funding

Business videos are usually short so you can highlight only a few of benefits to an audience.

  • Focus on these benefits and highlight only the best so that you grasp the attention of your audience and get them interested in your business videos.
  • Make sure to end the video on a high note. Use music in the right way or the right tone of voice so that your audience is left with a good exhilarating feeling and willing to invest.
  • Of course, reiterate the call to action at the end of the video asking your viewers to invest in your business.

Keep these tips in mind and make effective business videos to boost your crowd funding!

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