A lot of people who are only starting out as internet marketers or who’ve some web experience, but are intimidated technically, might feel they only have one choice with regards to creating their blog, Blogger.com. Blogger.com is quite popular web blogging platform and for valid reason. Another very popular and strong web blogging platform, is WordPress. WordPress blog are very customizable and there are plenty of plug ins available that could be used to help one receive high internet search engine positions. Blogger: Blogger is owned by Google and offers seen some pretty, significant upgrades in the last couple of months. There are also lots of benefets to choosing right blogging platform for seo. You should more consider while you are choosing the platform.

There are various new features available, like RSS feeds, video, newsreels and polls. You can purchase an internet site domain name and also have Blogger host it for free. Until now, which was one of the biggest blows against Blogger. Blogger would host your blog at no cost, but your domain name would contain blogspot. Another downside is that Blogger could delete your site without notice and without you having the ability to do anything about it. It is possible to set your site up in just minutes and also have it up and running in no time at all.

Blogger also offers a ton of new attributes that the visitors might get lots of value from. Wordress: Initially WordPress blogs were used generally by people who have been either good technically or who were daring enough to give it go. Now everyone can create a WordPress blog very quickly. With a few clicks you might have a basic WordPress blog. To really make your blog strong, you’ll have to add some plug ins. You’ll find a great list of plug ins if you do a Google search. If you can upload an internet site, you can upload a plug-in.

Among the best things about WordPress sites is that since you’re required to host it yourself, you own it. WordPress blogs also have a tendency to do quite well in the search engines and readers like them, because they look more professional then blogger templates. Now to answer the question, which web blogging platform Blogger or WordPress could make you more money? The answer is both. In case you’ve great content, monetize your blog properly and provide value, you’ll earn money. That’s because a WordPress site is yours, it cannot be deleted, so there’s some level of protection. The amount of available plugins for WordPress is pretty amazing.

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