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Asus Zenfone Selfie: Find Out All You Need To Know About This Amazing Phone

With the growing popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it has become mandatory to have a phone which captures stunning photos be it of us eating, shopping, scuba diving or snorkeling! We want to put up everything for the world to see in crystal clear clarity. This has called for the

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Can Laptops Running On Android Beat Android Tablets?

A new war is about to be waged, and at the moment it is not between the two tech giants, Apple and Samsung. This war is between Android Tablets and laptops running on Android. While this is great for companies, this is not the case for consumers, who are already bewildered by the vast array

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iPhone 5 Review – Check out the Best Features Before you Purchase

When you hear about smartphones which name comes first in your mind? Perhaps the answer is the Apple Inc. Well, the answer isn’t surprising at all as Apple has gifted civilization the most efficient smartphone, the iPhone. The iPhone series has won the heart of its followers again through iPhone 5. So, which features make

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