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The Difference Between a VPN and a Proxy for SEO

Proxy or VPN that is the question. Many people working in the SEO niche know how important this choice can be and how much a difference it can make. However, Proxy vs. VPN dilemma goes deeper than SEO, it concerns your privacy and identity security as well. Both of these have the same main role

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Cheap Web Hosting: How to Choose the Right Package

So what exactly is a web host? It’s a company that provides storage and distribution of website pages on your behalf. Without one your domain will be nothing more than a blank page. In short, they provide the hardware, software and bandwidth for a fee (usually monthly), which is essentially “rental space” on their servers.

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SEO vs PPC: Not As Clear-Cut As You Think

If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say SEO is better than PPC, or PPC is better than SEO, I’d have a lot of pennies. (I’d also be really annoyed. I hate having lots of pennies.) One of the reasons it makes me roll my eyes is because the two are

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