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Effective Remarketing campaign in PPC

PPC marketing is Pay per click marketing also known as Cost per click where promotion of products revolves around keywords. It is a very relevant form of advertising in Internet marketing where the advertisers pay the publisher of the ad i.e. the website owner when the ad is clicked. It is nothing but the amount

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Top 3 Gadgets to Have in 2013

Each one of us has a wish list of what they would like to have in 2013. Most of our desires are determined by our age group, present situations in life, or even the financial status of a person. Owing to the rapidly changing and growing technology industry, most of the gadgets being produced by

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Save up Your Site From Getting Penalized by Penguin Update

The penguin update is yet another attempt by Google to make their search engine results a little more useful. People are always trying to find ways of manipulating the Google search engine results, and so every now and again, Google will release an update to make it harder to manipulate the results. The Penguin update

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