Monthly Archive:: July 2013

PPC Advertising – A Different Perspective

The critical part of optimizing the sites through pay-per-click campaigns is to increase the click through rate of the advertisements. Google is one significant search engine that drives in a lot of potential shoppers to the adverts. Take advantage of PPC campaign to drive a good source of traffic to your website, and to generate

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Using Pinterest as a Part of Your Social Media Campaign

Pinterest is a social media site that is possibly the only one being powered by women. Many of the social media networks have more female profiles than male profiles, but Pinterest figures show that 90% of the profiles on Pinterest are female ones. It is a legitimate social media network, which means that Google is

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Guidelines for Internet Adevertising

Online ads are everywhere, whether you are checking your email, researching a quick note, or shopping online. This is because online advertising is cheaper (for space you get) than the newspaper, a magazine, the radio, television, or outdoor advertising. Most people know if they go to an expensive well-known advertising agency, they will come out

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