Monthly Archive:: December 2012

Review on Windows8 – What’s New

Windows 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft’s iconic operating systems. According to Microsoft, it is actually the basis of a fresh all-encompassing ecosystem whose design is intended to make one stick with Windows for laptops, PCs, tablets and phones. There are many new additions in Windows 8 as well as improvements on whatever

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Need to Rev up the Sales using E-commerce Solutions

Considering the chances of getting exposed to the global audience, you might have launched an e commerce customized website. But are you getting the expected traffic and the profit? If not then this is the time to find out some developed e commerce solutions. Whether you are planning to launch a new one or want

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Present and Future Advantages of Podcasts in the Social Media Marketing Environment

Podcasting is the name given a series of audio radio, video or PDF files that people can subscribe to receive or alternately downloaded. Podcasts aren’t just music; they cover all sorts of topics from swimming to cooking. So it basically depends on what a person is interested in as to what sort of podcast they

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